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Siargao, a Filipino island whose east coast meets directly the Pacific is vulnerable to the incoming swell, making it a great place for surfing. The season lasts here almost all over year, because when the seasons change, the spots on which the wave breaks appropriately change.

The variety and the number of places for surfing, from places to learn and for beginner riders to really heavy and demanding "breaks", made this island the Filipino capital of surfing. The island is not large, so just rent a motorbike with "racks" for the boards and you can easily move between the spots. This will not take longer than 60 minutes between the north and south of the island.
In Pacifico, 70 meters from Huna House you will find the break "bigwish", a spot for advanced, but in the period from May to September, also small waves ideal for longboards, for beginners and intermediate.
In September the swell comes closer, what makes the wave grow and surfing for beginners is not that easy anymore. But about 400m from the house we have a second break, "Bambo garden" which serves weaker waves for beginners and pros all over the year.
Eight kilometers to the north we have several breaks, which depending on the season, open beautiful right-hand waves, often creating tubes. These are: "inner tube" and "69" in Burgos and further north "Tangbo", "sicret spot", "sicret Paradiso". There is also one good breake to the south in Pilar, which works well in the first half of the year.

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