rent surf

Surf board pricelist:

- One hour: 200 php
- Half day: 300 php
- One day: 500 php
- Two-Three days: 400 php
- More than three days: 350 php
- More than seven days - we make an individual deal.

For those staying at Huna House we have a special discount depending on the length of stay.

rent body

Bodyboarding price list:

Board + fins:
- One day: 400 php
- More than three days: 350 php

The prices given are for one day of rent.

rent moto

Motorbike rental:

The price will be set individually depending on the type of the bike and
the length of the rental. The prices start from 350php to 500php per day.

Rooms for rent - the best place on Siargao Island !


Boards that have special qualities for riding waves.


Everything for surfers


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