About Us

Huna Boards was born a long, long time ago in a place far away, in the thoughts of a young, energetic boy gifted with a certain kind of charisma.
Kept in the sphere of dreams, Huna Boards came into existence.The shaper is still a beginner but joyful and romantic in his idea of creating dedicated boards.

Boards that have personality. Boards that are a part of the rider. Boards that have special qualities for riding waves.

This is the idea behind Huna Boards. It's a formula that probably started all surfing brands when they still were in the phase of a small, one-person workshop. It is like an infatuation, like falling in love, it's the most beautiful time in every history.

Rooms for rent - the best place on Siargao Island !


Boards that have special qualities for riding waves.


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