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The Huna House is located in the small village Pacifico at Barangay periphery, in between San Isidro and Burgos, in the northern part of the Island Siargao. This part is called the "lazy, calm and romantic", still not explored by turists, full of very good surfsports as well as for beginners as for advanced surfers.


Perfect location

Huna House is situated in a distance of 70 meters from a sandy not crowded, often even empty beach. The ocean is magical blue, cristal clear, also perfect for snorkeling when it is hightide you will be able to see beautiful colored fishes. The most popular is the "big wish" wave which breaks the reef.

Small surfer village

Pacifico is a small surfer village, according to the fact, that most of its inhabitants are surfing from child on. It gains popularity, because of its increasing accomodation offers and also variety of places where you can try different dishes. The village is out of phone signal, but we treat it as an advantage, as our guests can finally go offline, spend quality-time together and sleep long and well.

In the close neighbourhood of Pacifico you will find plenty of places worth to visit and explore. They are located just few kilometers from our village, you can easily reach them by renting a motorbike and spend the whole day cruising around with a light wind-breeze through impressive palm and banana jungles of Macapunco natural pool,Also worth to see is the Sublagun, Tak-Tak Waterfalls and the breath-taking sunset in Santa Monica.


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